Case 2 (820 Partner Visa)

ASE 2 Partner Visa SC 820 Is it possible to sponsor a 3rd partner, after two failed marriages…

The answer is YES.

Ms. Martha (fake name) is a mature white lady in her late 50s, who is an Aussie. She wanted to provide a spouse visa for her 20-year-old boyfriend. With the in-depth consultation, we learned that Martha had experienced two failed marriages before, and the two ex-husbands emigrated through Martha’s sponsorship. This background had increased the difficulty of this already difficult visa by several factors. During the professional consultation with our immigration lawyers, we explained the risks of this spouse visa to our client Martha, and pointed out that she did not meet the SPONSOR requirements according to the Migration Regulation.

Martha was extremely sad when she heard that she was not qualified for the guarantee. She told us that she was an unfortunate woman and that both failed marriages were due to domestic violence. Her tragic emotional experience left her with many holes and she almost lost her courage to live.

At the most lost time, she met the love of her life – Jack (fake name). Jack, who is in his early 20s, is gentle and shy. It is his warm personality and company that soothed Martha’s wounded heart. Their attachment to each other in their eyes strengthened our determination and confidence to help them get this spouse’s visa.

Through the efforts of our expert Visa team, we stated to the immigration Department the compelling reasons why Martha’s previous marriages were broken and her psychological dependence and need for Jack.

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